Let’s talk for a minute

I know you are asking, ” Why in the world are you posting another blog?”

Good question.  I am not sure myself.   I have decided to get serious about this blogging thing.  My goal is to see if I can garner 2000 hits on my Simple Thoughts page by the end of this year, December 2009.

When I started this project May 29, 2009, I thought I might get a couple hundred lookers in a year.   That would make me happy.

I am flabbergasted,  1220  people have visited that site!

Now plain old greed and ego rear their, oh so human,  heads;  I want more!

To make my new goal I need  engines to search what I publish.    Simple Thoughts is set up so at least two of  biggest  engines are blocked from crawling it;   I do not want a lot of  useless spam.  This blog is designed to allow my name to get noticed but lets me  control the resulting mess, I hope.

So you see, I do not know what in heck (or in this world)  I am doing, but I am going to see where I go in my ignorance.

What do I want you (reader and friend,I hope) to do?

I ask you to do a couple of things if you feel my work has any merit.

  • Read it yourself.   I do not just want hits,  I want readers. You can subscribe  by clicking a button
  • Invite others to read my blog if you enjoy it, click the share button, post to your social network page
  • Comment.  Do you agree or disagree?  I would like to know. There is a comment click at bottom of every page.  I will acknowledge you comment

So, are you willing to help me make my goal?  I hope so.

I have been ask, “Do you get paid for this?”

No money, something far better!

I find great satisfaction in writing; I have met some great people through these pages, I hope what I say,  maybe, brings laughter, inspiration or just a smile to my reader.

You say I am disgustingly self-promoting today?  You are absolutely right.  I promise,  no more pleading or sales attempts on any more post.  Once is enough.

BTW: I have no control over the automatically generated listings at the end of post.  They do not make a lot of sense to me sometimes.  May be interesting, you’ll  have to check, but don’t blame me.


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