I can not believe weather this year.

I can not believe  the weather this year. December 1 and there are many plants still flowering. Yesterday I worked  in the yard, preparing beds for next spring and planting pansies.

I have one bed by my back door that I have concentrated on for several years and it shows. The ground is deep and rich. Earthworms show with each turn of the shovel. Spading is a dream, just use a trowel! Wow!

My gardening style at best is what I call “cottage casual”. That means if there is a space and I have a new plant,  in it goes! I start the spring planting with a mental picture of possibilities  for the season; I enter the fall of the year with a veritable jungle.

Front border elephant ears

This year this  is almost literally true. I  spent part of yesterday removing the leaves from elephant ears. The plants are a good eight feet tall, with leaves about three feet long. The stems are huge. Elephant ears are big water containers; I  cut them down with a large knife.

Today we probably will  get about two inches of rain. Good steady, slow; a gardener’s dream, newly  set plants get all the water they need naturally.

Probably too late, but I am transplanting iris and day lilies into beds near the house. Hope they grow.


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