Frugal Gardener: Plant Your eBucket

You have your five gallon self watering bucket ready to plant; what will you grow?

Tomatoes, Tomatoes, Tomatoes

Bucket produces phenomenal yields

We designed this self watering bucket and began using it  six months ago, but our  group has some glowing  reports about growing tomatoes.  Growth is steady, yields are high.

Bush squash, peppers, okra, herbs, and beans of all sorts have been productive in containers; cabbage, collard, brussel sprouts, and broccoli grow beautifully.

What ever the crop, the planting preparations are  similar.

Fill your self watering bucket with a planting mix as described in our original article.

Many growers feel  adding a cup of lime mixed well into the top few inches of medium is beneficial, especially when growing tomatoes.

Around the outer edge of the mix (against the self watering bucket wall) dig a shallow trench with your fingers, fill the trench  with about 2 cups of a balanced granular fertilizer; (I use 10-10-10) but do NOT  cover with medium.

If you have the lid for the self watering bucket, you will want to cut holes in the lid to accommodate the fill pipe and the plants.  A two-inch hole cut in the center of the lid is good for one plant.

I have covered my self watering buckets with plastic wrap fastened with  tape or bungee fasteners;  other times I simple use a mulch (i.e. wood shavings or chips).  The covering helps keep moisture and saves the fertilizer stripe from being washed into the planting mix.

Put in your plants, gently water in by pouring a cup of water around the plant.   You have finished the planting in your self watering bucket!

Check the water level  regularly by pouring water into the fill pipe until water runs from the overflow tube.

There are no  hard and fast rules–experiment!

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