I Rule The Roost

The neighbors could hear the screams! “No! Stop! Oh, nooo!! Stop it! Get away from me! Oh! Oh! No! No!” It was unmistakably the sounds of abuse.

If this continued some one was going to call the police, I had to quiet her. “Oh! No! Get away from me!! Don’t! Stoooop it!!”

I am Bully Boy, don't forget the name!

I rushed to the door, wondering what is going on. Oh, man! Bully Boy, a 3 pound bantam rooster, is showing my wife, Linda, who is cock of the roost!

When he spied her crossing the back yard, her plastic bucket in hand, immediately he goes on the defensive! Nobody, but nobody, is encroaching on his territory!

Rush, fake attack, back off; rush, fake attack, over and over. Here is a 3 pound bird, sending a (…..let’s just say healthy),  woman into panic mode as she attempts to shield herself by poking at Bully Boy with the bright pink bucket!

Now, we all know, when being attacked by a ferocious creature we must make one of three choices.

  • Weakly resist, cower,  submit;
  • Run like the devil acknowledging  subjection
  • Boldly assert  dominance

Trying not to appear amused. I shout, “Don’t let him do that; knock him down with the bucket, Show him who is boss, or you will never be able to cross this yard again!   Hit him!”  I feel like a spectator at a gladiatorial event.

She continues backing, poking, yelling! “No, shoo! Get away! Stop it!”

“Linda you have got to knock him down!” I yell.  I am unprepared for female logic.

“But I’ll hurt him! I don’t want to hurt Bully!”

“Duh! Isn’t that the whole idea? You have got to show him you are top rooster and the only way to do is with a knock down. Geez, woman, haven’t you ever watched the fights?”

Well, with that bit of advice the adrenaline kicks in; that bird ain’t got a chance in heck now. Here he comes; a pink haze from the left sends him to the ground! He looks surprised, stunned; he not giving up that easily.

Bully Boy shakes his head, ready for another round; he attacks.

He is still trying to figure where that right side bolt of pink lightening came from as he waits there on the ground, in defeat, for the countdown.  

Okay, she won. It’s official, that woman is top rooster!

“Nobody likes me, nobody loves me, think I’ll go eat some worms”; he mumbles as he sulks away.

The ultimate insult is  to come.

Big Boy, a black silkie rooster, who has adopted Linda , since dogs killed his mate, has been watching the battle. Big Boy’s heroine is victorious!

He sees Bully slink away. Big Boy attacks, duck running toward Bully, he stabs him in the butt several times; all Bully can do is tuck tail and get out of the way!

He does not rule the roost!


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Debbie B on December 20, 2009 at 6:13 pm

    And the “King of the Castle” watched this all from his perch on the porch stoop I presume?
    Thanks for the laugh!


    who has roosters?!!!!!!
    People in Saluda, that’s who!!!!!


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