What the heck?

I am having the oddest experience this morning, since about 3 am.

I am conscious that I am dreaming; one of those dreams where  I recognize people  from many points in my life. The circumstances are completely unrealistic; the snatches of situations  could have happened,but never did.

I am trying to protect someone from something. In this dream I am telling myself, this is just a dream; it’s not really happening; even though I awaken and sit on the edge of the bed, my mind keeps struggling with whatever is happening.

Keep saying to myself this is not real; when I  settle my thinking and go back to sleep it starts over, at the point I was when I woke up! The mental struggle starts again, until I awaken.

Three hours later, I have taken a shower, shaved, brushed my teeth. I can no longer remember the details, just the desperate, helpless feeling of not being able to help whomever I am trying to shield from unremembered danger.

This is weird. It is not a nightmare. I am not terrified, just disturbed, by what I know is not reality.

A Shrink would have a field day with this, I bet;  if a Mormon Missionary or one of Jehovah’s Witnesses shows up on my doorstep later today and introduces himself,  as either Joseph or Daniel, I am really going to freak out!!

In the light of day, and after a cup of coffee, I think I have figured this out.   Last night just before I went to sleep I spent 2 hours watching CNN and HLN coverage of the Haitian tragedy.

This was the first time I allowed myself to concentrate on this horrible situation.  The rescue of a 24 year old man being pulled from the rubble after 11 days entrapment was very disturbing, though gratifying.   He is in very good shape after all this  time because he was trapped in a tiny space  on a  side of the building where some coke, beer and a little food  was available.


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  1. As much as I can understand right now, I think you’re right!


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