I Am Allowed To Come Into Their World

As I work in the my yard and garden I am thrilled as birds, squirrels, frogs, butterflies, bees go about their activities, for the most part ignoring me, until I interfere with the routine.


Seven hungry mouths to feed

The chickadee couple has 7 young nestling they are feeding all day.  When I work the  bed near the base of  their home Momma or Daddy will fly in, sit on a limb nearby and warble softly.   That’s my signal to do something else, giving privacy while the pair enters the neatly tailored nest  to feed hungry mouths.    Two down, five to go, in this never ending circle of day long feedings.

I step away, turn and watch the 2 fly in, then quickly  dart out,  headed  on a new  hunt.  Back to work until I am signaled to get lost; so it goes as long as I  work the area.

When I am digging the raised beds of vegetables, the mockingbird who has a nest in the hedgerow nearby flies in, does a little dance with waving wings, eyes me and proceeds to look for bugs; he is not  4 feet away.

We  talk as he hunts, well, I do; he  watches me out of one eye.  When the bug is safely in his beak, he kind’a squats and lifts off to feed Mama as she incubates eggs in the ragged nest they call home.

bluebird eggs

Five sky blue eggs promise babies soon

Mr and Mrs  Bluebird are back  for the 4th year.  Initially,  I junked their handmade, weathered old box shack and installed a fancy cedar store bought bungalow, which they inspected and promptly left;  I could hear angry tweetering  as they flew to the nearby pear tree.

He liked it; she said “Well, live in it  with the chickadees, or by yourself!”  as she haughtily preened her under wing feathers.

I dug the old  house out of the junk pile, re-nailed it together;  set it up about  15 feet from the old site.

Took awhile, but  it is filled with a pinestraw nest that, as of  this morning,  holds 5 sky blue eggs.

The couples sits on the phone line as I work in the area and softly chirp a bluebird  thank you, sir, melody!

The red headed woodpeckers nest in a rotten limb  hollowed out in the oak tree across the street; a pair of doves coo softly each   morning and evening, a nest made of loose  sticks must be hidden nearby;  this is a couple in waiting for the emergence of 2 0r 3 chicks from  tiny white eggs.

A pair of robins, and two brown thrashers busily scout the back lawn .   Somewhere in the thick hedges surrounding the property there must be nests with birdies.  Parents  are hunting as a pair, it seems.

Every evening, as the day begins  to cool, a pair of blue  jays chase a crow across the sky; poor crow never learns; he  suffers the  humiliation daily.

We are hungry. You are late!

The fish in the pool swim forward every morning.  Their gulping sound (yep! they are demanding little finnies!) inform me I am not getting food to them quickly enough.

Lately, the finned prima donnas  have been demanding that I fix the leak in the pool, the water is lowering at an alarming rate.  These  swimming beauties do not accept the idea that I have to let the pool sink to it’s lowest level to see what  has to be patched.

This morning, I think, I fixed it.  They seem to be rejoicing that the shrinking water world is once more filling up.

The blooming purple pitcher plant smiled as its  roots once more are submerged.

squirrel feeding area

A station all our own! Oh boy! Just keep it stocked.

Six or eight  squirrels are thrilled with their own feeding area–until I do not stock it.   Then it is back to raiding the bird feeders along with the flock of cow birds that have invaded.

You forgot! A guy's gotta eat!!

For the first time  I am feeding woodpeckers, chickadee, robin, bluebirds,mockingbirds, wrens along with the usual crowd.    The soft sound of the crowd remind me when coffers are empty.

How can I forget the red throated hummingbirds who return yearly to feed and nest.   They were a day late this year, but they are back!!

WOW!  what an experience to step outside in the cool of the pre-dawn hour to be serenaded by an  awaking chorus of free creatures, inviting me to share their world.

They will live today, confident that food will be found, that life will go on; it will involve work, it may even entail danger, but in the cool evening hours they will sing again, a song of thanksgiving for all life has given.

I am saddened to realize the real message from these creatures:

You have tried to conform us to your world, you have almost destroyed us and yourself.

Come into our world; it is busy;  it  overflows with purpose; yet, it is simple.

Ours is a world full of beauty and hope.


3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Larry Davis on April 23, 2010 at 5:53 pm

    Great story, Lane!!!!

    Very enjoyable…..


  2. Posted by Cathie Zeien on April 23, 2010 at 10:14 pm

    Wonderful, Lane! Thanks ever so much!

    I’ve been enjoying the activities of the birds here in my yard – cardinals, blue jays, mourning doves, robins, chickadees, goldfinch – all busy, busy, busy – and, especially in the case of the robins – squabbling! I love this time of year!


    • Larry and Cathie isn’t spring wonderful. My little animal friends help me reflect on the really important things.

      Thank you both for being ones who appreciate the truly good things in life.


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