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Going Green – No Big Deal

Few of us will disagree with the philosophy– going green will benefit the  world.

We give lip service to the idea, but let us face it,  projects touted to accomplish the feat are  beyond the financial means  ( okay, admit it) or the real interest of the majority.   They are too big.

Quickly the “what would the little I do  help?” attitude sucks us back into our old ways; we forget the whole green  idea.

The problem is we are all victims of the “big is better mindset”.   I have written earlier about how it affects my gardening efforts.  The same disease tends to kill my do-something   desires for making the world a little more safe and naturally productive.

There are many little things that set our paths toward  the new attitude.  Something as simple as toilet tissue can be the start.  Yep!

The simple clear reasoning of  Deloris Steinhouser’s  comment in her family business newsletter (September 2010) made me stop to reevaluate my thinking on going green.  With her permission I share her thoughts.

” I noticed a new brand of toilet paper at my friend’s house.  It’s made by Marcal® and branded Small Steps®.   It is made 100% from recycled materials.  The Marcal website explains the brand name, “Our name is inspired by those small changes that make a big difference.

Changing your paper purchases to the Small Steps® brand of eco-friendly products helps save trees, leaving a greener environment for future generations.”  I was impressed by this name, “Small Steps”.

I am often overwhelmed by today’s green movement.

It seems impossible to be totally green in my daily living, so I feel hypocritical if I do a small green thing, which is dwarfed by all the big non-green things that I do.  But this idea of small steps is compelling.

If we all just take a few small steps, it’s better than no steps at all.  Eventually those small steps will lead to bigger steps, and pretty soon, we’ll be back to where we started 50 years ago, when recycling was the norm, not the exception.

I can’t change all my bad habits overnight, but if I do one thing differently each year, my small steps will start making a difference.  I started composting kitchen scraps this year.”

Right on Deloris!