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Gardening – Extend the Pleasure

Garden Dreams.....Flower Visions


Every January it’s the same!  An unconscious response to  additional seconds of daylight triggers that urge to rush the growing season!   Anticipation wraps me in its warm embrace.   Dreams of gardening activities fill my head.

next doorIt’s too early.  I will not sow any seeds for at least two months, I swear on a stack of seed catalogs and a folder of internet nursery sites!

 I lie!

By mid-February, like an addict, satisfying his cravings, I have “just a few” seedlings reaching toward the lights.  Oh, what satisfaction this defiant early start gives, even with the problems it creates!


Here in zone 8, despite  a few setbacks, gardening activities are humming by mid-March, at the very latest.Spring bulbs put on a dazzling show, followed by flowering shrubs and

Memories are made of  this Memories are made of


First rainbows of bearded iris, then  dazzling displays of day lilies  carry us through April – May.

I used a simple photoshop with this I used a simple photoshop…

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Creatures In My Garden

 Two Worlds Collide

With one exception, I encourage critters in my garden. Creeping, jumping, slithering or flying — they are all welcomed!

You see, I am the intruder into their world where life, wonder, grace, purpose and  beauty abound.   Sure, there is struggle, even fierce conflict and death, but not senseless destruction, we humans accept as part of ours.

Yes, I experience conflicting emotions.   From youth my thinking has been guided toward  “If it is small, exceptionally large, or extraordinary, destroy it.”

IMG_0101The rationalization is this annihilation is done in the name of science ( study it), our protection and preservation (it might do harm ),  maybe boastful pride ( a trophy).

In my garden, I can be different.  There is no need to destroy simply because it is here;  the beauty of co-existence brings appreciation for the little things.    There is no need for two worlds to collide.