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Go Ahead Grandpa, You Can Chuckle

Gardening, Creatures and Life In A Small Town

My grandfather was a one-mule dirt farmer.

He grew an acre of corn and was allotted two acres to grow cotton. His garden was enormous, with rows that seemed to go on forever, when I was sentenced to hoe them.

Plants growing in pots were strictly a diversion the women messed with. No self-respecting man put plants in a pot (named thusly because the women usually used discarded chamber pots).

Now, three generations down the road, a friend and I are actually admitting we use containers (can not find chamber pots anymore) to plant, of all things, vegetables in!!

Huh! Huh! (Grandpa did not actually laugh at such foolishness he just made low kind of “huh! huh! huh!” and you could see his belly bounce under his overalls).

“The young fools growed up on a farm and they didn’t learn a darn thing.”


Container gardening has become the rage for…

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Gran’ma Daisy – gave me a dahlia root

My world-simple thoughts of a simple man

It all started with Gran’ma Daisy

Five generations from Germany, she was a hardworking mother and farmer’s wife. She did not have a lot of spare time, but she made time for her plants. They were gorgeous and one of the few things I remember about her.

The back porch, always used as the entrance was a veritable jungle of greenery, planted in miscellaneous large discarded enamel kitchen pots. Huge ferns dominated the entrance along with a star flower plant that every year had the largest bloom I have ever seen.

In the cold winter she would put these plants in the unheated dark hall that ran down the center of the old house. They always survived to live another year on the back porch.

Her outdoor love was her dahlias! I remember them as tall, lush and topped with dinner plate sized colorful blooms.
To me they seemed exceptionally…

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Our pets are our children. Amazingly human in actions, they let my wife and me know when they are unhappy. Gray Tabby was very unhappy about this situation!

My world-simple thoughts of a simple man

My Guest author,  Gray Tabby  has been a part of our household for 15 years.  She has experienced and lost great loves in  her long life.  She has been uncomplaining and usually cooperative, except for one long lasting episode.

Now  her life has taken a drastic turn.

“I just don’t understand this whole situation,” she explains, ” have I not given  my all, have I not put up with my people in order to maintain  a peaceful home.   Now I wonder, what, after 15 long years has gone wrong?”

Ms. Tabby explained to me as we spoke, “I am going to speak my mind!  It is just not fair. I want no misunderstanding in this matter.”

Here is her unedited statement of the situation as  she sees it.


Gray Tabby

In 1995 I was borne into a litter of kittens that resulted from…

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