Gran’ma Daisy – gave me a dahlia root

My world-simple thoughts of a simple man

It all started with Gran’ma Daisy

Five generations from Germany, she was a hardworking mother and farmer’s wife. She did not have a lot of spare time, but she made time for her plants. They were gorgeous and one of the few things I remember about her.

The back porch, always used as the entrance was a veritable jungle of greenery, planted in miscellaneous large discarded enamel kitchen pots. Huge ferns dominated the entrance along with a star flower plant that every year had the largest bloom I have ever seen.

In the cold winter she would put these plants in the unheated dark hall that ran down the center of the old house. They always survived to live another year on the back porch.

Her outdoor love was her dahlias! I remember them as tall, lush and topped with dinner plate sized colorful blooms.
To me they seemed exceptionally…

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