Go Ahead Grandpa, You Can Chuckle

Gardening, Creatures and Life In A Small Town

My grandfather was a one-mule dirt farmer.

He grew an acre of corn and was allotted two acres to grow cotton. His garden was enormous, with rows that seemed to go on forever, when I was sentenced to hoe them.

Plants growing in pots were strictly a diversion the women messed with. No self-respecting man put plants in a pot (named thusly because the women usually used discarded chamber pots).

Now, three generations down the road, a friend and I are actually admitting we use containers (can not find chamber pots anymore) to plant, of all things, vegetables in!!

Huh! Huh! (Grandpa did not actually laugh at such foolishness he just made low kind of “huh! huh! huh!” and you could see his belly bounce under his overalls).

“The young fools growed up on a farm and they didn’t learn a darn thing.”


Container gardening has become the rage for…

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