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African Violets – Put Down A Leaf

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Wow! that’s a lot of leaves

When the African Violet bug bites, the virus really catches hold,, the Newbie finds herself drawn to advertising that offers collections of leaves for a ‘can not resist’ price.  Little does she realize each leaf can produce six or more babies.

Each Mommy leaf probably comes with a name tag attached.  Things become personal, now!                             ???

The bonding process, that is so much a part of the African Violet culture, begins to manifest itself, from this beginning.  Suddenly, this is not a leaf!  This is my precious ” Adera”  who is going to make me a  Mommy soon!.

You seasoned growers know exactly what I am talking about.  If you are not smitten with the virus you are thinking this is the most stupid thing I ever read.   I smile  ..I…

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